Who Are We? The Oasis Network is a ministry, a growing group of radio stations and FM translators, committed to being a positive and uplifting voice. We are an inter-denominational ministry emphasizing the integrity of the Word of God and His never-ending love for each individual.

What Do We Do? We broadcast inspirational music, Bible teaching programs, scriptures, and interviews designed to uplift and motivate each listener.

What Can You Do? Listen and encourage others to listen! If you are a pastor and would like information on announcing your church events on the air, please contact your local affiliate station. Business owners and managers can ask about being a program sponsor.

Our goal is to make life-changing principles known to each listener. As people listen to the Oasis Network, they can find rest, peace, hope, encouragement, and a new life in Christ.
David Ingles
Oasis Network Founder

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